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Full Belly Farm

Full Belly Farm was founded in 1985 – and has been certified organic from that point forward. The farm is located 101 miles east of Mission Pie in Guinda, California. We buy a substantial share of our peaches and winter squash from Full Belly Farm.

Owners Andrew Braitt, Judith Redmond, Paul Muller and Dru Rivers operate Full Belly Farm with these goals: To produce the highest quality food and to foster long-term mutually beneficial relationships with their customers; to create a vibrant and complex farm ecosystem that protects and stewards all farm resources; to strive for economic stability built upon the economic well being of their workers and the vitality of our community

Full Belly is an efficient, effective and organized business that embraces creativity, spontaneity and humor. With 300 acres in production, Full Belly is among the largest of the small farms we source from, producing a diverse array of vegetables, fruits and nut, grain and meat products distributed through direct and distributor markets.

In addition to being focused on production, Full Belly is home to many activities, including educational tours, school groups and the annual Hoes Down Harvest Festival, a fundraiser for community organizations in the Capay Valley and Davis/Woodland area. The principals of the farm have contributed tirelessly for years to the development of sustainable farming policy in California and nationally, and we recognize and appreciate their leadership and contributions.



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