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Don’t Give Back. Just Give.

This is a time of year that we talk a lot about giving: giving thanks; giving gifts; giving to causes; giving back.
A lot of people talk about Mission Pie as a business that “gives back” to its communities. While we appreciate the praise, we tend to reject the phrase.
To us, “giving back” implies that the success of the business relies on an unfair take awaytaking from customers, from the neighborhood, from vendors or staff. Every day since we opened in January 2007, we have practiced fair exchange – giving and taking – with our staff, our vendors, our neighbors and our customers. We know this fairness is key to offering you the highest quality of experience and food. We measure Mission Pie’s success not by what we take from others but by what we do to ensure fairness in what we give and take in trade, wage, and commerce. So we can’t call it successful day without doing our fair share of giving.
In this season of celebrating giving, we’d like to give a little more than usual, and we’d like to invite you to do that with us:
We’ve identified two organizations that are doing great work and we’re going to give them money. In years past, we’ve done this for local organizations but this year we’re looking outside of our immediate communities.
The first organization is the Lower East Side Girls Club in New York City. The Lower East Side Girls Club runs programs that develop environmental, entrepreneurial and ethical leadership for economically disadvantaged girls and young women ages 8-23. In addition to a range of educational programs, the Club runs a number of social venture businesses including a fantastic bakeshop!
The second is an organization called Grow Dat in New Orleans. Grow Dat is a farm-based organization that is working toward a healthier food system in South Louisiana by engaging local youth and adults in the work of growing healthy food for local residents. This year, they have produced about 10,000 pounds of food and they are hoping to grow that fourfold by 2014. Let’s help them get there!
We invite you to join us in this giving. Please deposit cash or check into the container by the Solar panel display screen. We will match 100% of your donations to these organizations. If you choose to write a check, you may make it payable to either of those organizations or to Mission Pie for us to distribute equally between them.
We wish everyone a peaceful, joyous and prosperous end of year and we thank you for joining us in giving thanks to these two great organizations.
Mission Pie


POSTED BY missionpie ON December 5, 2012 IN Banana Cream Pie.

2 Responses to “Don’t Give Back. Just Give.”

  1. December 05, 2012 at 2:46 am, BOb said:

    If so focused on local community. Local brand. Powered by local customers etc, what does ny and new Orleans have to do with your business? Love those organizations, but Many deserving organizations in your hood would take your “giving”. Just saying…

  2. December 05, 2012 at 5:31 pm, missionpie said:

    Hi Bob, Thanks for reading and commenting on our post. You are right that there are many deserving organizations in our neighborhood and throughout San Francisco. You can be sure we contribute to them and collaborate with them throughout the year. Let me try to answer your questions about NYC and New Orleans. We’ve been watching Grow Dat’s growth for a while now because it was one of our former employees who helped launch that organization. As for The Lower East Side Girls Club, it’s been on our radar for years since a bunch of them visited Mission Pie in our early years. It’s true that in a day-in, day-out way, we are focused on the local. This year, we thought to take a broader view of community-and asked “who is inspiring us in the realm of social venture? who is doing significant work with disadvantage youth? who is innovating around problems in our urban food systems” the people who are doing work in those areas are our community as much as the guy next door, our cousins in New York, the rancher from whom we buy chicken. Thanks again, Krystin, Mission Pie

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