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Dixon Ridge Farms

Dixon Ridge Farms, established in 1979, grows, buys, and processes California organic walnuts. The Lester Family is proud to continue a century-long tradition of family farming, and operates from their plant situated within some of their own orchards in Winters, California, 72 miles from Mission Pie.

Dixon Ridge is a vertically integrated farming operation that raises, hulls, dries, shells, sorts, stores, packages and sells organic walnuts. Dixon Ridge Farms maintains orchards in Solano and Yolo Counties, and purchases walnuts from 75 local growers.  All of their walnuts are certified organic.

We are impressed by Dixon Ridge’s comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability. Their farming operation embraces low or no-till and low-mow practices – the fewer passes tractors make through the orchards, the less fuel used, and no tilling increases the water storage capacity of soil and reduces air pollution from dust. Their facilities use energy efficient lighting and motors. They super insulate the walls of their freezers, and recycle heat in their drying facilities – capturing and reusing heat reduces our propane consumption for walnut drying by 40%. An advocate and practitioner of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques since their founding, Dixon Ridge Farms is an active partner with the University of California and encourages graduate and post-graduate level research in their orchards.




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