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Dinner Bell Farms

Dinner Bell Farm is nestled in the diverse ecosystems of the Sierra Nevada foothills. The founders understand ecological farming as an essential piece of stewardship of our planet. They specialize in pasture-raised, heritage breed chicken, and their crop speaks to the belief that nutritionally dense food is right, and that there is a better way to treat the animals we eat than what is conventionally practiced. Dinner Bell utilizes a management intensive system of grazing in which chickens move to new pasture daily. This decreases impact of the land, while giving the birds constant access to clean and nutritious pastures. The heritage breeds they raise are well adapted to the foothills’ cold springs and hot summers. These chickens fully integrate into the ecosystem, offering weed control, soil building, and integrated pest management to Dinner Bell’s fruit, vegetable, flower, and tree fruit crops.


POSTED BY missionpie ON February 27, 2013 IN Our Sources.

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