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Dairy and Drought and Pie, Oh My!

The price of pie is going up on September 1, 2015.

We have been wondering when the economic effects of the DROUGHT were going to show up in food costs, and sure enough, August brought a steep increase in dairy prices – up to a 15% rise. You can find dairy products throughout our sweet and savory pies, from butter in the pastry and crumb to milk and cream in custards and the hand-whipped dollop of cream perched on top of a slice. Beginning September 1st, both sweet and savory whole pies will cost $27, and slices will be 4.50. We also will begin charging 50 cents for whipped cream.

While we resist raising prices at Mission Pie, the commitment to participate fully and fairly in the costs and responsibilities of producing good food requires us to share these costs with the producers and with you. If you have wandered outside of the city and into the beauty of West Marin where the Straus Family Creamery and Clover Stornetta cows live, you might have seen the indicators yourself – the briefest spell of green hills last winter followed by months and months of dry brown hills. The uptick in truck traffic carrying alfalfa hay to supplement green pasture forage was notable even on my very occasional trips to the coast. It’s as simple and alarming a story as the local hills not producing enough food for the dairy cows, requiring farmers to buy more supplemental feed. We certainly are buffered within the city from the much more tangible effects of drought on our food producers. Now it’s our turn to step up and to stand by these producers of such high integrity and product quality with whom we have years-long relationships.

Mission Pie was built on a promise of delivering the best quality food at the most affordable prices we can. We also are committed to being real about food, sharing true information through our menu and our interactions with you. We stand behind these promises, hand in hand with you and the ranchers and farmers in California’s mysterious new climate.


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