Thanks for thinking of Mission Pie.
We are delighted to make pies for weddings and celebrations!

Our menu is seasonal, so depending on the month of the wedding or party, you will have several fruit pies to choose from. In summer, apricots, peaches, plums, strawberries and cane berries abound and in winter, apple, pear, squash and citrus are dominant.


We also make a few pies year round – a Walnut pie (like pecan but with California grown walnuts), a Frangipane tart and a Chess pie each with seasonal fruit, and Banana Cream and Chocolate Cream pies.


We pride ourselves on conscientiously sourcing delicious and high-quality fruit and other ingredients from producers with ethical and environmentally protective practices. Because all of our pies are made by hand and with the finest ingredients, we are not able to offer a discount for multiple pies. All of our pies are presently $29.

Here are a few key pieces of information for larger orders:


  • All of our pies are 9″ and serve six generous slices or eight more modest slices. We are happy to help you calculate what is best for your particular event.
  • Most of our fruit pies can be made as vegan pies by substituting the vegan crust and crumble top – equally delicious and with a different personality than our signature butter crust.
  • The Banana Cream and Chocolate Cream options are variably successful for weddings as they require refrigeration until shortly before service.
  • We are more than happy to do a tasting with you if you like – let us know and we’ll make a date.
  • We do not require a deposit but we do need full payment by the time of pick up.
  • We don’t deliver, however we have found that there is always a friend who is happy to be the pie pick-up person!

If you do choose to order pies for your event, please ask us to “save the date” as soon as you’ve decided on Mission Pie and we will put you in the special order calendar right away. We can nail down exact number of pies and which varieties you would like as you refine your guest count and choose your favorite pies. We are happy to schedule a tasting if that is helpful to your decision-making process.


If you have other questions or to “save the date”, you can reach us by phone at 415-282-1500 or by email at celebrate@missionpie.com

Our full menu is available every day at Mission Pie from morning to night.