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Music Mondays: June & July

June 23rd, 2017 by missionpie

June & July Calendar

June 26: Gringo Moko

Croaked his way through a cacophony of Guatemalan bus noise to form a blend of cumbia, Balkan and swing based music.

July 3: Papa Bear – @theeasylove

Like taking a warm bath in electro-folky primordial stew.

July 10: Carly Bond – @_meernaa_

July 17: AJ McKinley – @ajmckinleymusic

Aural Goodness.

July 24: Chelsea Coleman

A singing-songwriting machine, her heart, mind, and hands work hard, waking and sleeping, to bring you pleasing, intriguing, honest music.

July 31: Ben Einstein – @neetomosquito

Introspective songwriting, funny stories, left field covers, pineapple pyrotechnics, and the occasional fishing rod solo.

Crop of the Week: Apricots

June 22nd, 2017 by missionpie

Apricot cultivation has been documented for centuries in the Middle East and Central Asia, though the fruit’s exact origin is disputed. The Scottish botanist John Claudius Loudon believed it had a wide native range, from Armenia to the Himalayas, China, and Japan. Almost all U.S. production takes place in California (with some in the Pacific Northwest), though the U.S. does not rank in the top 10 producers of apricots worldwide.

Apricots belong to the Rosaceae family  – the same family as peach and cherry trees, as well as the almond tree (whoa!). Breaking open an apricot pit (or “stone”) reveals a small seed resembling an almond. But don’t eat it! These little guys contain hydrogen cyanide.

Most of the apricots we eat derive from the common tree, Prunus armeniaca. Blenheim apricots, while familiar to us at Mission Pie, are one of the most coveted varieties and sadly fast disappearing. They were brought to California from England in the 1880’s and grown mostly in the central valley. While they have an amazing flavor, they are fragile and don’t travel well; many growers are abandoning this variety for ones that have a longer shelf life and the ability to travel longer distances.

We just welcomed our first batch of Royal Blenheim apricots from Jeff and Annie Main of Good Humus Produce in the Capay Valley. Jeff and Annie have retraced this apricot’s path, paying visits to England and France where this heirloom fruit stopped on its way from its origins in the Himalayas, and Ladakh, where Annie visited the ancestors of her trees and gathered pits to bring home to California. After tasting one of these golden fruits, it’s no wonder that the apricot’s first American home – the Santa Clara Valley – was nicknamed the Valley of the Heart’s Delight due to its abundance of flowering orchards.

Upcoming Music Mondays

May 18th, 2017 by missionpie

May & June


May 22 – AJ McKinley – @ajmckinleymusic

Aural Goodness.

May 29 – Avi Vinocur – @avispersonalprofile

Plays mandolin and sings in Goodnight, Texas. Born in 1855.

June 5 – **We will be closed ALL DAY for a staff retreat.

June 12 – Graham Patzner – @grahampatzner

Deeply mystical folk music with haunting voice and penetrating lyrics.

June 19 – Jeremy Lyon – @jeremydlyon

Songwriter, guitarist, singer.

June 26 – Gringo Moko

Croaked his way through a cacophony of Guatemalan bus noise to form a blend of cumbia, Balkan and swing based music.

Rhubarb: The World’s Favorite Pie Plant

April 18th, 2017 by missionpie

Rhubarb, eaten like a fruit in the US culinary culture, is botanically a vegetable. The crop – the stem of the plant – is extremely tart, however when it is cooked with sugar, it resembles stewed fruit.

Rhubarb takes its name from the Latin rha barbarum. Rhubarb grew along the banks of the river Rha, the ancient name of the Volga, which was considered foreign, or barbarian territory. Thus, rhubarb means “from the barbarian, Rha.” Its botanical name, Rheum rhabarbarum, tells us that rhubarb is of the buckwheat family.

With its big heart-shaped crinkled leaves and red-tinted stalks. rhubarb is popular with gardeners because it is easy to grow, its high concentration of oxalate in the leaves naturally repels pests, and it is one of the first edibles to appear in the spring garden. The oxalic acid in rhubarb stems is even helpful for scouring pots.

Rhubarb’s heroism reaches outside the garden. When a hole was discovered in the Earth’s ozone layer in the mid-80s, researchers attributed it largely to chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) used in refrigerant and aerosols. Conventional methods for breaking down CFC’s were costly and dangerous. However, in 1995, two Yale scientists discovered that oxalic acid, found in rhubarb, helped neutralize CFC’s.

In traditional Chinese medicine, rhubarb roots have been used as a laxative for several millennia. It was one of the first Chinese medicines to be imported to the West from China. Today, researchers have identified over 40 polyphenol compounds found in rhubarb, including the disease-fighting pigments that make blueberries so nutritious. Though the versatile vegetable is a harbinger of Spring at Mission Pie, Rhubarb’s gifts and talents clearly extend well beyond pie.


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Easter Ordering

April 5th, 2017 by missionpie

Online ordering for Easter 2017 is now open!

Pies are available to order for pick up on Saturday 4/15 and Sunday 4/16, during our regular business hours:

Saturday from 8am – 10pm

Sunday from 9am – 10pm

Easter Menu: Strawberry Rhubarb, Rhubarb Chess, Shaker Lemon, Strawberry Apple, Walnut, Vegan Strawberry Apple, Banana Cream, Coconut Cream, Asparagus & Ricotta Quiche, Ham & Cheese Quiche


Click here to order!

*The deadline to place your orders online is Friday 4/14, or until we sell out of pie.

For questions about your order, or to place an order of 10 or more pies, give us a call: 415-282-1500


April 1st, 2017 by missionpie

MAY UPDATE: Because of the wonderful reception to our live music launch, we are hosting musicians EVERY Monday. The timeframe has shifted to 7pm until 9pm, with Happy hour lasting until 8pm!

We are delighted to reopen Monday evenings beginning APRIL 10 and to feature live local musicians on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month.

Many thanks to Kendra McKinley who has gathered an amazing community of stellar solo musicians for the performance calendar for April and May and who will kick off our new Monday nights on April 10th. Music will be live between 6pm and 8pm and our full menu will be available until 10pm. And hey, Happy Hour lasts until 7pm so you won’t want to miss that first set.

4/10 – Kendra McKinley – One woman, one guitar, one vocal looper – [email protected]_McKinley

4/24 – Avi Vincour – Plays mandolin and sings in Goodnight, Texas. Born in 1855 [email protected]

5/8 – Kelly McFarling – Lady Folk – @mcfarflung

5/22 – AJ McKinley – Aural Goodness – @ajmckinleymusic

6/12 – Graham Patzner – Deeply mystical folk music with haunting voice and penetrating lyrics – @grahampatzner

6/26 – Chris Dobel – Gringo Moko croaked his way through a cacophony of Guatemalan bus noise to form a blend of cumbia, balkan and swing based music.


Email Kendra at [email protected] with inquiries!






Pi Day 2017

February 15th, 2017 by missionpie

Celebrate Pi Day with Mission Pie!

ORDER PIES HERE: Online Ordering

Details for placing your Pi Day orders:

You can choose to pick up your pre-order on Tuesday 3/14 between 7am and 7pm, or Monday 3/13 between 7am and 2pm.

To celebrate this special holiday, delivery will be available within San Francisco for Tuesday 3/14 only. When placing your order, make sure to add Delivery to your cart along with your order, and select your preferred drop-off window. We will contact you within 2 days of receiving your order to confirm your delivery details.

We strongly encourage you to order ahead. Please note that we will bake a limited number of pies available for walk-in purchase on Monday 3/13 and Tuesday 3/14, and these will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

*The deadline for pre-orders is March 12 at noon, or until they sell out.

π Day Hours:

We will be OPEN Monday March 13 from 7am until 2pm (or until we sell out of pie.)

We will be OPEN Tuesday March 14 from 7am until 10pm (or until we sell out of pie.)

*For questions about your order, or to place an order of more than 30 pies, please call us at (415) 282-1500.








Kale Salad

February 2nd, 2017 by missionpie

During this first wintry winter in some time, we are offering a nutrient-rich kale salad daily that features dino kale, red cabbage and carrots, cara cara oranges, roasted delicata squash and garbanzo beans with a miso vinaigrette. So delicious and fortifying.


December 30th, 2016 by missionpie

December 28, 2016

Ten years ago when we were preparing to open Mission Pie, we visited two local coffee roasters to choose a coffee partner for Mission Pie. We tasted their coffees and discussed our shared company values and priorities. We were so impressed with the dedication and coffees of each company, and it was hard to choose one over the other, and in November of 2006 we chose to buy from Taylor Maid Farms. Some of the things we have valued about Taylor Maid Farms during the decade we have worked together are their fundamental and influential dedication to organic production in specialty coffee and their history of technical support in the field, their early adoption of energy-efficient roasting equipment, and their promotion of the refillable coffee can as eco-packaging. We heartily embraced the retail can and attached a discount to the refill deep enough to be a true reward for re-use.

Despite these assets, we knew that in not choosing Equator Coffees and Teas we were passing up working with a genius of a woman roaster (a rarity in a heavily male dominated field) who was roasting delicious coffees and co-leading a women-owned company with and ambitious economic and social justice agenda. It was a hard to choose between two brands that each resonated so much with Mission Pie’s values.

Anticipating the 10th birthday for Mission Pie on January 3, 2017 gave us occasion to reflect and evaluate the decade and consider our path forward, and motivated us to gift Mission Pie with something that would be new and shiny and at the same time be an affirmation of the business’ values. Choosing to source our coffees from Equator is just that, and we are very excited to begin serving Equator coffees as we head into our second decade!equator_text-copy

We are so impressed by Brooke McDonnell and Helen Russell and the Equator team’s commitment to quality and principles. The company’s growth and stature in the world of specialty coffee and more broadly among values-driven businesses has won Equator recognition in 2016 as National Small Business of the Year (and the first openly LGBT to be so recognized.) In 2011, Equator was the first coffee roaster in the U.S. to become a certified B Corp., solidifying its role as a company that is part of a global movement redefining impact and success in business, while valuing everyone in the supply chain. Read more about Equator’s commitments to women’s rights and empowerment, protection of tigers in Sumatra, micro-loans, the development of their coffee farm in Panama at their website

Among the values we share with Equator is the highest commitment to our customers. While we are thrilled to be offering you a new experience of the highest quality coffee, many things will stay familiar. We will continue to offer a fuller-bodied darker roast bland – the Equator Blend – and also a single-origin medium-roast coffee beginning with a Peruvian coffee. Our new espresso is the Tigerwalk and the Decaf Eye of the Tiger and our cold brew will be made with the Organic/FT Mocha Java.

We welcome you to the delightful taste of Equator coffees and to our second decade as neighbors.


The Bengal Tiger is Equator’s mascot – fierce, graceful, rare, and strong, just like the women who started Equator Coffees. Like coffee, the Bengal tiger can only live around the Equator.

New Year 2017

December 27th, 2016 by missionpie

First things first – we will be open throughout the weekend with a lightly modified holiday schedule

8am – 8pm on New Year’s Eve (Dec 31)

10am – 10pm on New Year’s Day (Jan 1)

Don’t forget to call us at 415-282-1500 to order pies ahead of your party plans.


Stay tuned for exciting news as we move into January 2017 – celebrating 10 YEARS of Mission Pie.


Christmas Holiday 2016 Online Pie Store

December 15th, 2016 by missionpie


WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO ORDER AHEAD for pick-up on Friday December 23rd and Saturday 24th.  We will only have a limited number of pies for walk-in purchase on those days.


ORDER DEADLINE is Thursday, December 22nd at 6pm or WHEN WE SELL OUT.


Please note our Holiday Hours:

  • WE WILL CLOSE before 10pm on FRIDAY December 23rd IF WE SELL OUT.
  • WE WILL CLOSE at 5pm ON SATURDAY December 24th.
  • We will be closed Christmas Day (25th) and Monday 26th . We will reopen on Tuesday Dec 27th at 7am.

Please SEE OUR MENU and PLACE YOUR ORDER ONLINE HERE. Call us with questions at 415-282-1500

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Shaker Lemon Lovers

November 8th, 2016 by missionpie

BK4AGfTCMAIieJIWe know you’ve been waiting and we are thrilled to tell you that Shaker Lemon Pie is back! Come on down.

Reem’s Arab Street Food Pop-Up Monday May 16

May 17th, 2016 by missionpie

Come by for a delicious dinner of traditional Man’oushe made with the freshest of ingredients!

Monday May 16 from 5-9.

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Online Ordering For Easter Now Closed

March 22nd, 2016 by missionpie

Online ordering for Easter at Mission Pie is now closed (both online and by phone/in person.)

We will bake a limited amount of pies for walk-ins.

We will be open:

Saturday (3/26) 8am-10pm (or until we sell out)

Sunday (3/27) 9am-10pm (or until we sell out)


Happy Easter!

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Pi Day Ordering

February 22nd, 2016 by missionpie

Pi Day ordering at Mission Pie is now closed (both online and by phone/in person.) 

Last we checked, our friends at Noe Valley Bakery and Three Babes Bakeshop were still taking orders for pie.

You might also visit some of our fine SF grocers  Rainbow GroceryGus’s Community Market, or Whole Foods Market if you are looking to celebrate with a crowd of pies.

We will bake a LIMITED number of pies beyond those already ordered.

We will be OPEN Monday March 14 from 7am until 7pm (or until we sell out of pie.)
We will be OPEN Sunday March 13 from 9am until 10pm (or until we sell out of pie.)

After School Special & Happy Hour

December 30th, 2015 by missionpie

Join us for a wholesome snack an a drink on the way home from school and work every Tuesday through Friday from 3 until 7. Games, drawing and puzzles to unwind, quiet corners for reading and conversation.

We are offering a comforting favorite snack daily – do it yourself sandwiches, ants on a log, baked beans along with chocolate and strawberry milk. Enjoy any of our delicious local beers for $3 and $20 for wine bottles.

We are currently offering these great and varied beers from San Francisco brewers:

  • Green Thumb Rosemary PALE ALE and It Came From Beneath Grapefruit GOSE from Pine St. Brewery
  • Westfalia – Nuremburg Inspired RED ALE and Park WHEAT BEER from Fort Point Beer Co.; and
  • California LAGER and Orange Splash LAGER – Go Giants! – from Anchor Brewing.
  • Mandarina FARMHOUSE ALE and Dolores SAISON from Almanac Beer Co.


Chicken Soup with Rice

October 24th, 2015 by missionpie

What’s more comforting than pie? Yes, soup! Drop by, have some pie and stay for soup. We have a rotating menu of soups and today (with apologies to Maurice Sendak) it’s Chicken Soup with Rice. It comes with our house made 8 grain sourdough or garlic croutons. Voted best meal under $6.25 by my mom.

Drop by Mission Pie next Monday October 19 between 5 and 9 pm for Cambodian food by Nite Yun and Nyum Bai


Nyum bai means “to eat rice”, but it is also an expression meaning “let’s eat!” or “did you eat?”, a common greeting heard upon entering a Khmer home. Owner Nite Yun, invites everyone to try the food she grew up eating. Born in a refugee camp after her parents escaped war-torn Cambodia they immigrated to California as refugees.

Growing up, her dad would play 60’s khmer rock n’ roll in the background while Nite cooked side by side with her mom in the kitchen where she learned how to cook traditional dishes. Nite made the ubiquitous kroeung paste with mortar and pestle, gutted fishes, extracted coconut milk from a coconut, and always enjoyed the smell of prahok! She has early memories of her mom tending the kabocha patch and waking up early to get seasonal produce at the farmers market to prepare dinner for the family. On weekend, her parents would have their friends over and play “dhong” a type of card game; vendors came by and sold fried chicken, egg rolls, fried banana that were in paper bags. Later on, Nite discovered Angel Cruz Park where it was an underground market where Cambodian community would come together and set up picnics. There they sold lemongrass beef, various khmer desserts, homemade sausages, and papaya salad. Nite was always surrounded by delicious Cambodian food, even though it was in California. Much later, when Nite moved to San Francisco for college- she longed for her mom’s cooking and to be part of a Cambodian community. She then traveled to Cambodia to learn about her ancestors, to figure out what she wanted to do in college, and of course- to eat. She was at a noodle stall in phnom penh when she discovered her passion of sharing the culture and cuisine (to people back home) in San Francisco where it lacks Cambodian food.

With the influence of her childhood, her parents, khmer rock n’ roll, having fun, community, and seasonal produce; she aims to introduce Cambodian food to the Bay Area.

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Monday Dinner by Collin Hilton October 12th

September 18th, 2015 by missionpie

The next Monday Night Dinner by Collin Hilton will be on October 12th at Mission Pie.  CH Pan

To make a RESERVATION, please send an email to [email protected] with

your NAME,

your PHONE number,

the NUMBER OF PEOPLE in your party, and

whether you prefer EARLIER (6:30) or LATER (8:30) SEATING TIME


Collin prepares delicious, creative dishes of seasonal California ingredients, influenced by coastal Italian and Japanese cuisine. He cooks with a respect for the ingredients and the labor required to bring good food forth. All plates are intended to be shared, and the price range can be expected to be $10 – $28 per dish. We will also offer hand selected wines and craft beers!

When we first met Collin three years ago, he was a talented chef who had just returned from cooking through South America. He spent several months helping us serve up Supper and driving our savory food to another level. Since then, Collin has continued to pursue creative avenues to showcase seasonal California ingredients. From doing local pop ups, to honing flavor profiles for Bay Area distilleries, he has continued to expand his horizons and his vision of “a good meal.” Collin‘s most recent endeavor was opening the kitchen of the local mission cocktail bar, ABV (imbibe magazine’s best bar of 2014) with his good friend.


We will do our best to seat you within half an hour of your preferred time, and we appreciate your flexibility in this regard. We will confirm your reservation by email.


Click here for sample August 10 menu!

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Dairy and Drought and Pie, Oh My!

August 29th, 2015 by missionpie

The price of pie is going up on September 1, 2015.

We have been wondering when the economic effects of the DROUGHT were going to show up in food costs, and sure enough, August brought a steep increase in dairy prices – up to a 15% rise. You can find dairy products throughout our sweet and savory pies, from butter in the pastry and crumb to milk and cream in custards and the hand-whipped dollop of cream perched on top of a slice. Beginning September 1st, both sweet and savory whole pies will cost $27, and slices will be 4.50. We also will begin charging 50 cents for whipped cream.

While we resist raising prices at Mission Pie, the commitment to participate fully and fairly in the costs and responsibilities of producing good food requires us to share these costs with the producers and with you. If you have wandered outside of the city and into the beauty of West Marin where the Straus Family Creamery and Clover Stornetta cows live, you might have seen the indicators yourself – the briefest spell of green hills last winter followed by months and months of dry brown hills. The uptick in truck traffic carrying alfalfa hay to supplement green pasture forage was notable even on my very occasional trips to the coast. It’s as simple and alarming a story as the local hills not producing enough food for the dairy cows, requiring farmers to buy more supplemental feed. We certainly are buffered within the city from the much more tangible effects of drought on our food producers. Now it’s our turn to step up and to stand by these producers of such high integrity and product quality with whom we have years-long relationships.

Mission Pie was built on a promise of delivering the best quality food at the most affordable prices we can. We also are committed to being real about food, sharing true information through our menu and our interactions with you. We stand behind these promises, hand in hand with you and the ranchers and farmers in California’s mysterious new climate.

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