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December 28, 2016

Ten years ago when we were preparing to open Mission Pie, we visited two local coffee roasters to choose a coffee partner for Mission Pie. We tasted their coffees and discussed our shared company values and priorities. We were so impressed with the dedication and coffees of each company, and it was hard to choose one over the other, and in November of 2006 we chose to buy from Taylor Maid Farms. Some of the things we have valued about Taylor Maid Farms during the decade we have worked together are their fundamental and influential dedication to organic production in specialty coffee and their history of technical support in the field, their early adoption of energy-efficient roasting equipment, and their promotion of the refillable coffee can as eco-packaging. We heartily embraced the retail can and attached a discount to the refill deep enough to be a true reward for re-use.

Despite these assets, we knew that in not choosing Equator Coffees and Teas we were passing up working with a genius of a woman roaster (a rarity in a heavily male dominated field) who was roasting delicious coffees and co-leading a women-owned company with and ambitious economic and social justice agenda. It was a hard to choose between two brands that each resonated so much with Mission Pie’s values.

Anticipating the 10th birthday for Mission Pie on January 3, 2017 gave us occasion to reflect and evaluate the decade and consider our path forward, and motivated us to gift Mission Pie with something that would be new and shiny and at the same time be an affirmation of the business’ values. Choosing to source our coffees from Equator is just that, and we are very excited to begin serving Equator coffees as we head into our second decade!equator_text-copy

We are so impressed by Brooke McDonnell and Helen Russell and the Equator team’s commitment to quality and principles. The company’s growth and stature in the world of specialty coffee and more broadly among values-driven businesses has won Equator recognition in 2016 as National Small Business of the Year (and the first openly LGBT to be so recognized.) In 2011, Equator was the first coffee roaster in the U.S. to become a certified B Corp., solidifying its role as a company that is part of a global movement redefining impact and success in business, while valuing everyone in the supply chain. Read more about Equator’s commitments to women’s rights and empowerment, protection of tigers in Sumatra, micro-loans, the development of their coffee farm in Panama at their website

Among the values we share with Equator is the highest commitment to our customers. While we are thrilled to be offering you a new experience of the highest quality coffee, many things will stay familiar. We will continue to offer a fuller-bodied darker roast bland – the Equator Blend – and also a single-origin medium-roast coffee beginning with a Peruvian coffee. Our new espresso is the Tigerwalk and the Decaf Eye of the Tiger and our cold brew will be made with the Organic/FT Mocha Java.

We welcome you to the delightful taste of Equator coffees and to our second decade as neighbors.


The Bengal Tiger is Equator’s mascot – fierce, graceful, rare, and strong, just like the women who started Equator Coffees. Like coffee, the Bengal tiger can only live around the Equator.


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